of UAS Experience


Jeff Granger

  • Physical Education Teacher and Basketball Coach
  • United States
  • Has been part of UAS since 2001

My Experience:

“I teach students that if they work hard, are disciplined and practice everyday, they can become whatever they want to be.”


Juan Carlos Silva

  • United States
  • Joined UAS in 2015
  • Father of Grade 7 & 10 students

My Experience:

“The school does an amazing job of providing a happy, inspiring learning environment for our kids.”


Vicente Gard

  • Grade 9 Student
  • Uruguayan
  • Has attended UAS since Nursery

My Experience:

 “UAS teachers get involved and they truly care. A teacher at UAS is more than a person who stands in front of a class and talks about dates and historical figures. They care about what they teach and how they teach it, but most importantly they are role models. “

Uruguayan American School

Our challenging academic program is modeled on quality schools in the US and worldwide. UAS graduates have been accepted at some of the finest colleges and universities in Uruguay and the rest of the world, including Harvard, Columbia, Yale and Stanford (US), Edinburgh and St. Andrews (UK), and the University of Toronto (Canada). UAS is the best school in Uruguay to become completely fluent in English. From Nursery to Grade 12, all classes are taught in English, except those that are part of our Uruguayan Program. In fact, UAS has more native English speaking instructors than any other school in Uruguay. We embrace and promote the diversity represented by our students who come from 35 different countries, including Uruguay. We are committed to educating socially responsible, global citizens who are respectful of diversity in all its forms.