Welcome to Kindergarten!

When starting Kindergarten, there is more to learning certain academic skills (counting, the ABCs, letter printing, etc.). There is a whole set of meanings behind these skills which include:
- Being in good health and developing independence in daily living skills (e.g., washroom independence);
- Being curious about the world and trying new experiences;
- Interacting cooperatively with other children and responding appropriately to adults;
- Coping with small challenges (e.g., spending time away from mom or dad for short periods of time);
- Communicating one’s own needs and speaking clearly about experiences;
- Enjoying favorite books, songs, riddles, and games, and
- Participating in many early learning experiences.

Kindergarten is an exciting time for children and families. The Kindergarten program gives your child an opportunity to mix with children of the same age, engage in many learning experiences and have fun. The program offers your child opportunities to discover and explore the world around them, develop social skills, and learn how to cooperate with others. We learn letters and sounds and eventually begin to read and write. We learn how to count, classify, patterns, time and money and  engage in simple addition and subtraction. We discover sounds and develop our senses, learn about plants and pets and generally have a fantastic time!

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