Welcome to UAS Nursery!

A three-year-old child is full of wonder and spends a lot of time watching, observing, and imitating. Their days are filled with busy exploration of their world. Three-year-olds are interested in perfecting motor skills and facing more challenges. They start to understand social skills like sharing and being kind, but they can only practice these skills for short periods of time.

The Nursery class has been designed to be a comfortable and bright place where children can feel happy and secure, and learn in a stimulating atmosphere.
Natural light is with us at every moment and the walls are cheerfully decorated with displays of the children’s art.

Nursery children arrive at 9:30 am and are encouraged by their teachers to wave goodbye before they get to the classroom – it helps them to settle in and to understand that they will be picked up again later in the day.

As the children start getting out toys, books, dressing up clothes and just about everything else, our day is soon under way. We recognize and promote the idea that play is the natural, effective and most powerful way a child learns and interacts with other children of their age.

Everything we do is carefully planned to be fun. The children usually have no idea that their key learning skills (such as listening, concentrating and working together) are being developed along with their abilities in early communication, language, literacy and math.

Our curriculum is made up of activities that will encourage them to learn as they play, and we surround them with toys, musical instruments, art materials, games and equipment designed to stimulate and stretch their imagination.

Whether a child is playing a game that has sprung from a scenario we created or one that is entirely of his or her own making, we can watch with a professional eye, and occasionally join in.

Ask most young children what they did at nursery today and you might proudly be shown a drawing, or a model, or be taken to see a wall display.

If not, the reason is quite simple: the one thing that young children enjoy most of all is play. At such an early age they don’t differentiate between play and what they will later come to know as schoolwork!

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