Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten!

Every child’s development is unique and complex; it is also greatly influenced by factors in his or her environment and his or her experiences. When it comes to learning, four-year-olds are developing greater self-control and resourcefulness.  Their pretend play is more complex and imaginative. Four year olds constantly want to try new experiences. They also want to be more self-reliant and seek to expand the areas of their lives where they can be independent decision-makers. Four-year-olds approach the world with great curiosity and use their imagination to help understand it. Hands-on activities help them to separate reality from fantasy. Emotionally, four-year-olds continue to learn to manage intense emotions with coping strategies like talking it out or drawing a picture. They also show further progress in their social interactions with peers, such as by smoothly joining in a group-play situation, being sympathetic to others, or suggesting ways to resolve conflicts.

In Pre-Kinder we consider it very important to foster a positive environment for all areas of development: intellectual, linguistic, physical and social/emotional. Children learn meaningful experiences from sharing, participating in class discussions, predicting, making hypotheses, observing, gathering information, comparing, sorting, identifying patterns, describing and explaining. We learn to count to 20, and notice one-to-one object correspondence. We sort by various characteristics such as  patterns, sizes, and shapes. Children are exposed to the alphabet (letter names and sounds). They discriminate initial sounds in words, and recognize, spell and write their names. We work on correct pencil grip, concepts of print, and building new vocabulary. Students are assessed by observation and work samples.

We explore a variety of art processes such as painting, drawing, sculpture, and collage using a variety of art materials. We  participate in movement songs and dances, and we participate in dramatic play.

Some of the topics covered are each of the seasons, “All about me,” “My family,” “My school,” “My home,” “Pets,” “Thanksgiving,” “Life under the ocean,” “Alphabet letters,” “Means of Transport,” “Nursery Rhymes,” “Farm Animals” and “Wild Animals.”

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