Grade 2

A Grade 2 student is learning to cooperate and work with peers while also continuing their journey as an independent learner. They are encouraged to ask questions as they build on prior knowledge to further develop thinking, reading, writing, and speaking skills in all subject areas. They conference with the teacher regularly but are challenged to think and connect their own life skills and experiences to a balanced curriculum that incorporates specific core content and real life problem solving activities. Grade 2 students are well practiced in independent, partner, and group work that exposes them to a variety of “best teaching practice” to engage all learners.

The English curriculum focuses on speaking, listening, reading and writing using age and ability appropriate fiction and non-fiction texts to develop fluency, accuracy, and comprehension. Writing focuses on sentence construction, short narratives, recounts and descriptive paragraphs while also applying weekly grammar, spelling, revision, handwriting, alphabetical order and researching skills.

The math curriculum includes the following broad topics: number and operations, geometry and patterns, measurement and fractions, and money, time and data.  Students are engaged  in course work and the application of math concepts to everyday life. Students are also challenged through daily mad minute exercises, weekly problem solving tasks, and maintaining a bank account to practice addition and subtraction.

Grade 2 scientists learn through a “hands on” investigation based curriculum. They focus on the scientific inquiry skills of observing, comparing, classifying, sequencing, measuring and making models. They are also learning to hypothesize, infer, draw conclusions, predict and communicate their findings.

In Social Studies, Grade 2 students develop a sense of the greater world community around them and how people’s lives are influenced and affected by resources, customs and culture. They learn map skills, identify what being a good citizen and leader are, and delve into early American history and the ancient civilizations of Egypt and China.

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