Grade 3

Students between the ages of eight and nine are more independent and they start to face greater academic challenges at school. Third grade is an important year for children to gain a sense of responsibility along with their growing independence. They also start to form more complex relationships with friends and peers.

Academically, third graders learn oral communication skills to effectively participate in conversations. They read both fiction and nonfiction materials and continue to develop reading comprehension skills. They also learn to read for enjoyment and also for gaining information. The focus of the writing program is paragraph development, proofreading and revising skills. Writing is used across subjects. The math curriculum continues to develop number sense to find ways to represent numbers, operate, and apply problem solving skills. Math is also connected to everyday life. The science curriculum at the third grade level emphasizes the inquiry skills needed to conduct scientific investigations. In social studies the students develop map skills, and are also introduced to the study of history and economics.

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