Grade 4

At nine years old, fourth graders are learning how to make decisions and set standards. Social relationships are emerging within the children at this stage. They possess a high activity level and can express a wide range of emotions and verbalize easily. Children can also empathize and think independently and critically, but are tied to peer standards. They begin to increase their sense of truthfulness. New social dilemmas pop up in school, many times requiring teacher intervention. While some kids are still interested in playing with toys, others begin to imitate the pop culture they see in the media. Some students try to delineate the levels of friendship – they understand that there are acquaintances, friends, and best friends. They seek independence at school, but struggle with the responsibilities that are added to them. At the same time they are starting to realize which subjects they enjoy and in which they excel.

Academically: School changes quite dramatically for students in this grade. Students will be applying reading skills in content area subjects such as social studies and science. Study skills will become very important as kids will now be asked to write reports and handle long-term assignments. In fourth grade, students will learn to:
• Divide by one-and two-digit numbers.
• Use calculators and computers.
• Add and subtract fractions.
• Understand and use the steps of the writing process from pre-writing to the final draft.
• Use contextual clues to discover the meaning of words.
• Write book reports.
• Locate information in the library.
• Use internet, encyclopedias, newspapers, atlases, and magazines as resources.

Parents can help by encouraging your child as he/she:
• Begins making decisions.
• Gains a greater sense of responsibility.
• Sets personal standards.
• Develops personal interests and abilities.
• Develops social skills.
• Learns to engage in group decision-making.

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