Grade 5

Fifth graders are in transition from being an elementary student to a middle school student and they enjoy being the oldest group of elementary. More demands are made on them to be independent and organized.

They learn to be respectful to others, to interact appropriately in class, to complete homework, and to study for tests. Self-discipline is promoted along with being resilient and being persistent in reaching goals. Fifth graders are constantly working on their listening skills, starting and completing class work quickly and accurately.

Another challenge is to transition quickly from subject to subject and from class to class. There is a lot of reading and writing completed in fifth grade. They complete a learning style survey to discover their unique learning style. Most fifth graders participate in more than one After School Activity each week. Finally, many fifth graders are becoming more social and enjoy getting together on weekends with friends

What do fifth graders learn?

Language Arts


Students read a variety of genres and independent reading is celebrated with quarterly Read-A-Thon’s. Reading comprehension skills covered are: characterization, plot, theme, cause and effect, compare and contrast, point of view, fact and opinion, author’s purpose, and responding to literature. Fifth graders practice good reading strategies such as re-reading when you don’t understand, adjusting your reading rate, using prior knowledge, making connections, confirming predictions, creating mental images, and using context to confirm meanings.


Learning new vocabulary in context in all subjects is important in fifth grade.


The spelling program emphasizes learning Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, suffixes, vowel patterns, homophones, and irregular, tricky spelling words. Weekly lessons and quizzes are typical in fifth grade.


Students in fifth grade write in several genres; narrative, expository, descriptive, persuasive and poetry. Students also complete a research project that requires writing notes and a bibliography. Students practice paraphrasing and summarizing to avoid plagiarism. Students will regularly write three paragraph essays using the writing process and the 6-Traits. The topic of grammar covers the parts of speech, punctuation, and capitalization. Fifth graders give several oral presentations throughout the year.


Topics covered in math in fifth grade are: geometry, algebra, data and graphs, measurement, percent and decimals, area, perimeter, probability, statistics, multiplication and division with several digits and with decimals, fractions, and adding and subtraction with fractions and decimals.

Social Studies

History of the United States of America from Native Americans to the westward expansion is emphasized in fifth grade along with geography, map skills, and analyzing graphs. Students learn about the concepts of bias, prejudice, point of view, and cause and effect in a historical context.


The scientific method and the process of conducting and writing about an experiment is taught in fifth grade. The general topics of physical science, earth in space, the living environment, and earth science are all covered in fifth grade..


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