Music is taught from kindergarten through high school.

In the elementary school students learn and perform songs in unison and in parts, discovering and exploring harmony. They also play xylophones and percussion instruments and gradually learn to read music.They learn that music takes a lot of practice and at the same time they discover how fun it is to make music.

In the middle school students take music class on a quarterly basis as part of the exploratory program. It is a hands on-experience, giving an opportunity to play in a band with professional instruments such as electric guitars, bass, drums, piano, keyboard and microphones for the singers. They rehearse and prepare for a final concert at the end of the quarter for the middle school and the elementary school. This is very exciting experience that develops confidence, self esteem and musical talent.

In the high school our band program offers students the chance to participate regardless of their musical background. Just as in middle school music program, students prepare a varied repertoire of songs including pop, rock and jazz music, to be presented at the end of the semester. They combine and develop their different talents always aiming at excellence in their final production.

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