Uruguayan Program: Middle & High School

Based on an Educational Agreement.

From 6th through 12th grade

In 1999, an agreement between the USA and Uruguayan governments was signed based on a plan prepared by a commission formed by two UAS teacher and four inspectors from the Consejo de Secundaria.

The agreement accepts the American program and requires three subjects in Spanish. In this way, the students which fulfill with this requirement will be accepted in the local universities and will be able to benefit with all the educational agreements that our country has.

6th and 7th grade

Historia I

In this course, and through the following years of UP history, students will learn about the history of the countries that make up the MERCOSUR. This course focuses on the Indian cultures that developed in the countries of the MERCOSUR, and the reign and colonization of the Europeans.

Idioma Español l

Students will be working on the different aspects of the Spanish language (communication process, narrative, and letter). The goal of the course is that students achieve the ability to express orally and written in the language, and for them to develop the capacity to interpret the linguistic content, and to acquire reflective knowledge for the Spanish way of writing.

7th and 8th grade

Historia II

Students will work from the development of colonization to the Independence, and study each process in the four countries of the MERCOSUR.

Idioma Español II

Students will work over the different aspects of the language. The recommendation for this course is for students learn the language correctly before they learn correct spelling, which will get better as they get older. de la estructura del español.

8th and 9th grade


Students will learn about the human being and its relation to the different standards. They will find the resources to develop a civic consciousness and a critical spirit towards society.

Historia III

Seek that students learn about the life of Latin America after Europe’s colonization, how the countries divide politically and break with the colonial monopoly, the conflicts they have within the country and also the advancement of it.

Literature III

This is the official Uruguayan literature course for students coursing this grade. Students will learn how to analyze texts from Uruguayan writers from the 20th century, as well as writers from other Latin American countries.

9th and 10th grade

Historia IV

The course will work on the modernization process that took place in the countries of the region.

Introduction to Sociology

Students will learn about a new social consciousness in which the subject of study is the human being in relation to the others in a society. They will also be able to interact in a society where they can differentiate the social role and functions of the ones who form it.

Advanced Placement Spanish Language

This AP course has been approved by the Uruguayan authorities and forms part of the UP. In this course students will work on the communication media, and in the cultural aspects of the language. They will be able to take the course in 10th or 11th grade, and the AP exam will be held in May.

10th and 11th grade

Historia V

Students will work on the development of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay in the first half of the 20th century and how they were affected by the different international conflicts (World Wars, 1929 crisis, Cold War).

Advance Placement Spanish Literature

Students will work on analyzing the Spanish literature classics from the middle Ages to the 20th century. They will be able to take the course in 11th or 12th grade, and the AP exam will be held in May.

11th and 12th grade

Historia VI

Throughout the course students will learn about the democracies of the region in the second half of the 20th century; the crisis, the conflicts, the “guerrillas”, the military dictatorships, and the authoritarianism. Also, how this countries could finally get back to democracy.

Introduction to Law

Students will be able to expand their knowledge in what they already know and relate it with the different types of laws and to the legal rules. This will make students capable of distinguishing how the actors of society acquire different rights and responsibilities within it and how they act depending on their personal role in society.

IB Lengua A: Literatura

Literatura is available for two consecutive years for four semesters, only at the top level (Nivel Superior), with required readings and tasks and precise assessments, because it is seen as a pre-university literature course with well-defined objectives. It is structured in four parts, which include in-depth and detailed studies on a series of literary works from genres, styles, periods, currents and cultural contexts, derived from the development of written and oral activities, which provide the knowledge, interpretation and critique of literature in its literary, linguistic, social, historical and recreational aspects.

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