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UAS is pleased to announce that the International Baccalaureate Organization has authorized UAS as a World Class IB School offering the IB Diploma Program July 2013. The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is described by IBO as, “an academically challenging and balanced programme of education with final examinations that prepares students, aged 16 to 19, for success at university and life beyond. It has been designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students. The programme has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities.”

An overview of the IB program at UAS is available on the IB website and can be on the following link: http://www.ibo.org/school/049088/. Our incoming IB coordinator, Mr. Joe Koss, has put together a detailed website concerning all aspects of the IB program at UAS, including our available courses, the course selection process, and information about assessments as well as information about the CAS (creativity, activity, service) Program, the Extended Essay, and TOK (Theory of Knowledge) requirements. It can be found at https://sites.google.com/a/uas.edu.uy/ib/home.

For more detailed information about the UAS IB Diploma, refer to the UAS IB Handbook for 2016-18. You can also see the General Regulations for the IB Diploma Program.

Research is available on the long-term outcomes of the IB Diploma Program. The research summary, International Baccalaureate programmes: Longer-term outcomes can be found on our website. Additional research into the value of an IB Diploma can be found on the IB Research Page on their site.

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