Three years (3.0 credits) are required for graduation. Additional credits fulfill elective requirements and may be required for many colleges and universities.

Course title: Science 9: Life Science 2

Credit: 1.0
Pre – requisite: Life Science 1
Grade level: Grade 9
Course description: Life Science 2 continues the Grade 7 Life Science themes with an in-depth and detailed study of biochemistry and macromolecules, cells, heredity and genetics, evolution, classification systems, structure and function of viruses, bacteria, protists, fungi, plants, animals, ecosystems, and systems of the human body. Grade 10 Biology has a strong laboratory component and students can expect to be engaged in hand-on activities on a regular basis. Students are required to maintain a laboratory journal which is turned in periodically for grading. In addition to homework, quizzes, exams, and graphing problems, students can expect to be involved in individual or team projects to include PowerPoint presentations of biological topics.

Course title: Science 10: Physical Science 2

Credit: 1.0
Pre – requisite: Physical Science 1
Grade level: Grade 10
Course description: This course gives a wide over-view of physical science. It continues the development of problem solving skills and critical thinking from Grade 8 Physical Science while still building student´s overall body of knowledge. The course prepares students for future work in the sciences. It does so by integrating mathematics, chemistry, earth science, space science, and physics.

Course title: Chemistry SL

Credit: 1.0
Pre – requisite: Physical Science, Biology
Grade level: Grade 11, 12
Course description: Chemistry is a demanding subject. It will challenge the student to view the world in a different and more precise way. It provides many explanations of how matter in the form of elements and compounds can be transformed. By looking at the basis of these transformations in detail students will not only learn the facts, formulas and principles that compose a basic course of Chemistry but also understand the basic concepts underlying those things. Students will use chemistry to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Course title: Biology HL/SL

Credit: 1.0
Pre – requisite: Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry
Grade level: Grade 11, 12
Course description: Biology is the study of living organisms, how these organisms interact with each other, and how these interactions shape them at both micro and macro levels. It is the study of how organisms are interrelated at many levels and how this relationship changes over the course of time due to many connected factors. This course will centre on the themes of structure affecting function, equilibrium within systems, universality versus diversity and how these are all affected by the process of evolution.

Course title: Physics HL/SL

Credit: 1.0
Pre – requisite: Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Pre-calculus
Grade level: Grade 11, 12
Course description: This course involves the study of both the content and process of Physics. Physics is the most fundamental of the experimental sciences in that it seeks to explain the basic features of the world in terms of matter and energy. There are three connected domains of knowledge and skills in Physics: laws, experimental skills, and social and historical aspects.

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