Grade 7

Course title: English 7

Course description: The study of English in grade 7 focuses on the four basic areas of the language: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The intent of the course is to reinforce a solid foundation in each of these four areas. Students will become active participants in the Reading Workshop Models, where the goal is to acquire important skills to become readers for a lifetime. We will introduce new books and old favorites, tell about authors and genres, read silently or read aloud authors and genres, we will learn to keep good reading records to be able to discuss, rate, and recommend the books, then to explore and learn from our reading habits and plans. In the Writing Workshop Model students will complete word study units, plan, revise and edit writing projects, research and present various types of writing. Novel studies will investigate the themes on individuality, conflict, family histories, legends, heroes, values, character motives and traits. There is also a continual focus on refining the student´s mastery of the steps in the Writing process and the 6 + 1 Traits of Effective Writing. When possible, integrated units are taught in conjunction with the social studies side of the curriculum. Students have opportunities to improve their technological skills through regular use of Microsoft Word and Power Point.

Course title: Math 7: Pre–Algebra

Course description: Pre-Algebra is a foundation course. Algebra concepts are introduced and practiced, and a higher level of academic demand is placed on students compared to Math 6. Students are encouraged to focus on important study skills such as communication of their mathematical reflection, academic discussion, self-discipline and responsibility.

Course title: Science 7: Life Science 1

Course description: Building on the Integrated Science of grade 6 we focus more on the Life Science. We use a systems approach to examine and define life, cells, natural selection, classifying and differentiating life forms. We also examine organs and body systems. Application of scientific method, measurement and recording observations and data will be incorporated to develop science methods and scientific thought.

Course title: Social Studies 7: World Geography

Course description: 7th Grade Social Studies is a study of World Cultures and Geography. In this course we will explore the geography, languages, and culture of the great and big world we live in. Along the way, we will also learn some history about these regions. This course will place a special emphasis on critical thinking, traits of a social studies reader, map skills, and 21st century learning skills. At the end of the course, the goal is for students to build an understanding and appreciation of the world, in order to become a responsible global citizen.

Course title: Physical Education

Course description: Our hope is to help students enjoy and continue an active, healthy lifestyle, and to realize their potential as athletes. Through physical activities they will challenge themselves as individuals and as a team member. Students should be able to demonstrate basic skills presented in the sports and fitness units during the year. These are referred to as the fundamental movements of each sport. Instruction, application, and transfer time will be given for learning and evaluation.

Course title: French: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Course description: Students taking this course will learn basic French with conversation, grammar, writing, and discussion. Students are placed at the appropriate level by the teacher. This class is available depending on the numbers of students interested.

Course title: Portuguese: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Course description: Students taking this course will learn basic Portuguese with conversation, grammar, writing, and discussion. Students are placed at the appropriate level by the teacher. This class is available depending on the numbers of students interested.

Course title: Middle School Exploratory: Art (one quarter)

Course description: The middle school art program is designed to open the students’ minds to the world of art by providing art experiences so as to foster an ever broadening understanding in the various aspects of art. In Exploratory Art students work on the elements and principles of design by getting their inspiration from the most relevant artists and art movements of all times. The program involves hands-on learning experiences in the visual arts. Students are directed to assume responsibility in completing their individual project requirements at their own ability level and pace. They learn art techniques using a variety of media and equipment.

Course title: Middle School Exploratory: Computers (one quarter)

Course description: This course will build on previously learned computer skills. Skills learned previously will be reinforced and the next level of skills will be introduced including database skills and the development of spreadsheets and chars, graphics and presentation software. In addition, students will explore digital imaging, audio, video, graphic design, and a mixture of multi-media applications. In this hands-on course, students will create various interactive multimedia projects using Moviemaker, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel and Word. This course will prepare students for the advanced level of technology in high school.

Course title: Middle School Exploratory: Drama (one quarter)

Course description: In drama, the artists create an imagined world about human beings; it is the role of the actor to lead the audience into this visual, aural, and oral world. To help students in grades 6 – 8 develop theater literacy, it is important that they learn to see the created world of theater through the eyes of the playwright, actor, designer, and director. Through active creation of theater, students learn to understand artistic choices and to critique dramatic works. Students should, as this point play a larger toe in the planning and evaluation of their work. They should continue to use drama as a means of confidently expressing their world view, thus developing their person voice.

Course title: Middle School Exploratory: Music (one quarter)

Course description: This course is designed to develop and improve students´ musical abilities and skills. Our approach to achieve this goal is working directly on one or more instruments as a part of a band. At the same time, students´ creativity will find a fertile field and support throughout the course. Music theory will also be provided in order to consolidate practical knowledge. No previous knowledge of music is required. Each student will have the chance to make progress according to his/her potential and previous knowledge. Assessments are based on: 1) Active participation in class is 80%, 2) Final performance is 20% of grade. Enthusiasm, perseverance and patience are important values that every student must cultivate. Practice at home may often be required.

Course title: Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Course description: The study of Spanish as a second language focuses on the four basic areas of the language: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The goal of the course is to facilitate acquisition of the skills and knowledge necessary to communicate, read, and to write at the intermediate levels. Units of study will include reading and writing projects, vocabulary development through activities in which students will read, write, listen, and converse formally and informally in Spanish. We will also try to strengthen the written language with units of study in grammar and spelling.

Course title: English Language Learners (ELL)

Course description: ELL is a pullout program designed to meet the needs of Non-English speakers as well as Low Limited speakers. Classes are taught by ELL teachers. Students are assessed to ensure the correct level of English support where they concentrate on vocabulary, basic grammar skills, and confidence. The small class sizes allow students varied opportunities to use the English language in a low risk environment. When students have mastered basic interpersonal skills (BICS) they are ready to be mainstreamed in content areas for more demanding academic tasks. Students usually complete this level in one or two years.

Course title: English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Course description: English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is designed for Limited and Intermediate English speakers to ensure academic success in the core curriculum. Core courses teachers collaborate with EAP teachers in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. This allows the EAP teacher to continue to assess student strengths and weaknesses and to assist teachers and parents in the development of a plan to meet individual student needs.

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