Visual Arts

The Visual Arts department at UAS engages the three school levels to meet their needs at their own developmental stage. Elementary Art, Middle School Art, and High School Art.

The Visual Arts curriculum attempts to create a balance in between the understanding and applications of the Visual Culture of our everyday life and appreciation of the classical canons of Fine Arts. Art is a means to exploring our understanding of the greater world as well our inner world. We study sculpture, drawing, painting, digital photography, printmaking, and computer graphic design, to mention a few, to appreciate and create our own art. We strive to understand the Elements and Principles of Design, which at this point in time are the standard for Art Education through many colleges and higher education entities throughout the world.  Additionally, the students in high school keep workbooks as part of our appreciation and awareness of the world around us, and the artistic possibilities hidden in every object, feeling, color, song, or poem that allows art to be an exploration of our inner selves that is exteriorized through its liberating visual language.

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