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UAS features a beautiful Media Center serving Nursery through Grade 12. It is open Monday through Friday from 7.45 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

The Media Center collection consists of more than 19,000 books, 30 magazine titles, videos, CDs, DVDs and cassettes.

The Media Center houses separate collections for Elementary and Secondary students.  Each area has a reading area with comfortable beanbags or sofas.

There are eight computers with Internet access available for student use.

The Media Center uses Destiny Follett software, which is the most widely used program in libraries of international schools in South America. The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) allows students and staff to research Media Center materials. The OPAC can be accessed from any computer via the UAS website.

UAS also has access to a large number of Online Resources, including JStor, IXL, Brain POP, and Turnitin.


Elementary classes have a fixed schedule for Media Center classes. The students go to the Media Center weekly, once with the American Program (AP) and once either with the Uruguayan Program (UP) or the Spanish as a Second Language Program (SSL).
In the American Program, students are taught library skills including the Dewey Decimal System and how to manage reference materials. In Spanish classes, they have different activities such as storytelling and silent reading. In addition to these fixed classes, students are welcome to the Media Center during breaks and at other times with teacher authorization.


Students from 6th to 12th grade go to the Media Center regularly in order to engage in research, read, study on their own and check out books. They also visit the facility with their teachers to work on specific projects.

Staff & Parents: The staff uses the Media Center regularly and parents are also invited to read and check out books and magazines.

Media Center Policies

Check Out

Students may check out different number of books depending on their grade level:
• Nursery through Kindergarten: one book per week.
• Grades 1-12: a maximum of six items, books and/or magazines at one time.
• Books and magazines are checked out for fourteen days and current issue magazines, encyclopedias and other reference materials may be checked overnight only.
• Media Center materials must be returned on or before the due date. Students are responsible for all materials checked out. Damage or loss of materials will be fined.
• Students who are registered for the following semester may check out a maximum of ten (10) books and/or magazines over the summer and winter vacation.

Lost books

For books that can be purchased locally, the student must replace it. For books that cannot be purchased locally, the student must pay the price of the book plus shipping (10%), for the Media Center to replace it. If the book is out of print, a similar title will be accepted.


The Media Center is a study area and students are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Misconduct may result in the suspension of Media Center privileges for the student. Furthermore, eating and/or drinking are not permitted and proper care of Media Center materials by all students is expected and appreciated.

Media Center Events

The Media Center staff organizes the following special activities and events during the school year:
• Book Fair occurs twice a year we are visited by some of our local bookstores which sell a variety of books in English and in Spanish. A percentage of the Book Fair sales are donated to UAS Media Center for book purchases.
• Book Swap is an opportunity to bring books from home that are already read and exchange them for other gently used titles. Students, teachers and parents can participate in this activity.
• Book Week: each year we celebrate Book Week by engaging in activities throughout the days, such as story reading and more.
• Book Character Day is the culmination of Book Week, and one of the most popular events for our Elementary students. All students from Nursery to 5th grade come dressed as their favorite book characters.

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