The Uruguayan American School is a multicultural, academically challenging learning community that prepares students to be responsible global citizens and lifelong learners through U.S., international and Uruguayan curricula.


A multicultural community committed to fostering global citizenship and providing a premier education in South America.


• Respect and acceptance are vital to a thriving community.
• Everyone has the responsibility to make decisions that reflect positive global citizenship.
• Pursuing one’s dreams, hard work, persistence and willingness to learn from experiences promotes success.
• Integrity and a strong moral character promote trust within the community.
• Taking responsibility for one´s own decisions is essential for a positive learning environment.


• UAS students will demonstrate high academic achievement against world-class standards.
• We will demonstrate long-term financial sustainability through prudent fiscal practices.
• We will increase student enrollment.
• We will position the school in the regional market as a multicultural provider of premier education.

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