2016/17 Board Members

President: Fabiana Kanovich
Vice-President: Andrés Prada
Treasurer: Enrique Ermoglio
Vice-Treasurer: Ricardo Brunner
Secretary: Bárbara Grunfeld
Vice- Secretary: Juan José Taccone
Member: Alexis Bagurskas
Member: Mark Kendrick
Member: Candy Pravecek

Board of Governors

U.A.S. is governed by an active Board of Governors consisting of nine members who volunteer their time and efforts to help improve our school. The main role of the board is to establish school policies concerning the overall operations of the school. Each member serves a three year term and can be re-elected for two additional consecutive terms. We encourage active involvement from all sectors of our community.

By Laws – Estatutos

The Uruguayan American School is governed by a set of by-laws, or “estatutos.” This document describes the legal framework for the school.
By-laws in English
By-laws in Spanish

Role of the Board of Governors

• Define the school’s mission and philosophy.
• Address policy matters, long-range planning and financial planning.
• Delegate day-to-day management to the Director and the Director’s Administrative team.
• Focus on what the school should be like in five or ten years, and the resources needed to carry it there.
• Make decisions as a team; speak with a collective voice.
• Support the Director

Board Responsibilities

• Hire, develop, support and evaluate the Director.
• Approve the school’s annual budget, including employee salary and benefit terms and large capital expenditures.
• Serve as steward of the school’s assets and as architect of the school’s future.
• Study, evaluate and decide upon proposals submitted by the Administration.
• Encourage the continuous development of a school ethos that pursues excellence in learning, initiative and high-levels of interpersonal skills.

What may the Board not do?

• Make decisions about hiring or evaluating any staff member but the Director.
• Manage day-to-day operations.
• Take action or make a promise as individuals on behalf of the Board.
• Misuse the Board’s authority to further the special interests of an individual, family or group.

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