The Uruguayan American School was founded on April 14, 1958.

The principal founders were two US citizens and one Uruguayan national. Their goal was to promote an intercultural understanding between Uruguayan and North American children by providing an education which include study programs featuring both countries’ educational programs and by promoting fluency in both English and Spanish.

The school moved to many places around the city of Montevideo, first opening its doors at Luis B. Cavia in the neighborhood of Pocitos with only twelve students. Two years later, in 1960, the school needed extra space and moved to 26th de Marzo Street. Finally in 1961, UAS bought its own building at Bulevar Artigas 160. At the time, the school included Nursery to 8th grade, but in 1963 an annex for the Secondary school was procured at Ellauri 741.  In 1966, the school’s population reached 140 students. The following year, enrollment was up to 205 students, and the school was named the official testing center for US college entrance exams.

The school moved once again in 1978. A property in Carrasco was purchased in order to enlarge the school campus.  The school then included students from Nursery through 12th grade, all on the same campus. This larger campus included a soccer field and a playground. It became the school’s home for 35 years.

The year 2003 was a year of change. After being in the same location for years, the school purchased the school’s current location on Av. Saldún de Rodríguez, also in Carrasco.  In August, the school celebrated the move to a larger and more modern facility. At that point in time, the school had nearly 300 students from all around the world.  Since 1958 to this day, the school has opened its doors to students from every nation.

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