Uruguay is the second smallest independent country in South America. Most people in this primarily agricultural country are of Spanish or Italian descent and work mainly by raising, processing, or marketing livestock. The country has become the center for the Mercosur. This has increased the country’s trade and business relations within South America.

Uruguay is mostly hilly, surrounded by coastal lowlands which extend along the water boundaries that exist on three sides of the country. The climate is temperate, and temperatures may range from 4 °C in winter to 37 °C in summer.

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Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, located on the River Plate along the southern coast of Uruguay. Nearly half of the nation’s population resides in Montevideo, making it the country’s political, financial and cultural center as well as a city of contrasts.

It is highlighted by modern office and apartment buildings as well as examples of the baroque construction of the last century. It is a relatively safe place to live and a good place to raise a family.


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