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Saldún de Rodríguez 2375
Area Code 11500

+ (598) 2600 7681

+ (598) 2606 1935

Office Hours
Monday through Friday from 7:45 to 3:45 pm

Finance Office
The Finance Office is located conveniently near the main school entrance. For information please contact us by telephone or e-mail:

Finance Officer: Natalia Calvo –
Accounting Assistant: Verónica Araujo -
Finance Assistant: Gabriela Vitureira -

Student Records

For report cards, transcripts, schedules or other information regarding current or former students, please contact us by telephone or e-mail:

High School Records: Virginia Symonds -
Elementary Records: Gulnor Saratbekova -

Contacting Faculty

Parents who wish to contact teachers may do so by sending a note to the receptionist and/or phoning the school office.  Please understand that phone calls to teachers are not transferred to them during school hours. The receptionist will leave a message and teachers will attempt to return calls on the same day as received.  All UAS teachers are also available via school e-mail.

Contacting Administrators

You can contact the administrators by telephone or the following e-mail addresses:

Director:  Matthew C. Beata –
Elementary Principal: M. Victoria Placeres –
Secondary Principal: Michael Byrne –

Google Maps

You can visit the school via Google Maps.


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