After School Activities Grid for February-June 2017

Please contact Mr. Carlos Nicola at if you have any specific questions about the activities available at UAS.





Grade Level

Soccer Diego Varela, Diego Gutierrez, Gonzalo Alvarez, Alejandro Mello W K-2
T/F 3-5
T/W/Th MS Girls
M/W/Th MS Boys
Nicole Neutzling T/Th HS Girls
Diego Varela, Diego Gutierrez, Gonzalo Alvarez, Alejandro Mello M/W HS Boys
Volleyball Florencia Perez, Alex Sitkewich y Chris Wilkinson F MS Girls
T MS Boys
Swimming (at Club Naval) Elena Bauer T/Th Nursery-2
Gustavo Gorriaran M/W 3-5
Swimming Team (at Club Naval) Gustavo Gorriaran M/W/F MS/HS
Karate Dr. Andrés Martínez F Nursery-2
W 3-5
Tennis Santiago Carballal Th Nursery-K
M/Th 1-2
W 3-5 (La Academia M.G.)
Basketball Jeff Granger Th 3-5
T/F MS Girls
M/W MS Boys
M/W/Th/F HS Girls
T/W/Th/F HS Boys
Gymnastics Ivana Viscarret T/Th K-7
Conditioning Florencia Perez and Gonzalo Alvarez M/Th MS Girls
T/F MS Boys
T/F HS Girls
M/Th HS Boys
Scottish Dance Catalina Williman M K-5
Modern Dance Mariana Garcia T 1-3
F 4-6
Plastic Arts Workshop Flavia Fernández W Nursery-K
M 1-5
Beginning French Silvana Marsicano Th 3-5
Portuguese Marta Rodrigues T 3-5
Cooking Carlos Lacurcia S MS-HS
Robotics Sebastián Paredes and Brad Melius W 6-9
Chess Eduardo Salchi and Nicolás Salchi T/Th K-MS
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