The School Counselor at the Uruguayan American School works collaboratively with parents, students, and administrators to ensure optimal development of every student´s academic, social, and emotional potential.

Referrals to the Counselor are made by teachers, parents, administrators, or by the students themselves. Individual and small group counseling sessions are delivered by the Counselor based on a specific concern. If more help is needed then the Counselor will facilitate referrals for an outside health professional.

Classroom guidance sessions based on the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) are delivered from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Topics addressed at those sessions are:
● Self-concept
● Quality relationships
● Respect for self and others
● Responsibility
● Safe and healthy choices
● Coping skills

The School Counselor works closely with new students, ensuring their smooth transition into school life at UAS. Students are given help to understand the term, “Third Culture Kids,” as a person who has moved from one culture to a second or third culture for a significant length of time while growing up. Students learn strategies to help them adjust to their new life both at school and in the community.

The School Counselor is the heart of the school by helping create a safe school environment where children can learn. This is done by helping design interventions to enhance student success; helping students learn anger management, conflict resolution, and mediation skills; and helping parents, teachers, and administrators in learning how to meet the needs of all students.

If you have any questions please contact our Counselor, Ms. Marisa Cao at or visit her school website.

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