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Our UAS Nutritionist is Ms. Eloisa Harley. Her job includes planning, directing, assessing, implementing, and evaluating the Food Service Program in order to meet the nutritional and educational needs of children. She partners with the food service provider to ensure a nutritionally sound food program that supports healthy food habits while maintaining customer satisfaction.


Nutrition and Menu Planning

• Works with the Food Service Provider, teachers and parents to plan menus that maintain nutrition integrity and customer satisfaction.
• Assesses customer preferences, industry trends, and current research to plan menus that encourage students to purchase the school lunch.

Customer Service

• Establishes quality standards for the presentation and service of food.
• Implements a district-wide customer service driven philosophy that focuses on value and satisfaction.
• Performs and directs appropriate communication skills with the customers served.

Sanitation, Food Safety, and Employee Safety

• Establishes procedures to ensure that food is prepared and served in a sanitary and safe environment.
• Develops and integrates employee safety regulations into all phases of the school food service operation.

Food Production

• Develops procedures to ensure the food production system provides safe nutritious food of high quality.
• Ensures operational procedures for efficient and effective food production and distribution.

General Management

• Employs management techniques to maintain an effective and efficient Food Service Program.
• Implements policies and procedures to ensure the effective operations of the Food Service Program.
• Reviews current research information to determine health and nutrition-related trends and foodservice management developments; and develops innovative program changes and expansions based on this information.

Facility Layout and Design and Equipment Selection

• Assists with designing and planning facilities that ensure high quality customer service, wholesome food production, and efficient workflow.
• Determines equipment needs and specifications consistent with program needs and budget.

Environmental Management

• Establishes a waste management system for the Food Service Program that is effective, economical, and environmentally safe.

Nutrition Education

• Develops and implements a comprehensive nutrition education program using school cafeterias as learning laboratories.

…a message from our Nutritionist

We believe that a well-balanced diet is necessary for children to do well in school and to lead healthy and productive lives. That’s why we promise to work together on a more nutritious and appealing school menu for our students.

Each week’s menu will offer different types of meat, cooked and fresh vegetables, seasonal fresh fruits and pasta all prepared by the MANDARINO staff.

Besides the main menu, every day, students using MANDARINO will have a soup option as well as a variety of vegetables to make their own salad, along with bread, dessert and a glass of orange juice.

In the lunchroom, students will find two water dispensers and a water fountain available to drink water as they need. Our water dispensers and fountains are equipped with carbon-filters.

The monthly lunch menu will be updated before the beginning of each month and you will find it on the school website, under the “PARENT-STUDENT” section.

Healthful snack options are also going to be available for recess time. Options include:
• Oatmeal cookies, chocolate and vanilla muffins, whole wheat apple and cinnamon muffins. All made by the MANDARINO staff, prepared with oil instead of butter and using less sugar
• Ham and cheese sandwich with white bread or whole grain bread
• Veggie mix (stick of different vegetables and cherry tomatoes)
• Nuts
• Dried fruits
• Yogurt with granola and fruit

Mandarino is offering new gluten-free bakery products (cooked in a special kitchen to avoid contamination with gluten). Please, stop by and try them!

In addition, UAS will comply with the recently passed law N° 19.140, which is intended to promote healthy eating habits in schools. This law requires that schools remove salt shakers and condiments like ketchup, soy sauce and mayonnaise from the lunchroom. You can read a related article at this link:

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