UAS Recycles!

The goals of UAS Recycles are:

  • Reduce our negative impact on the environment by reducing our overall waste including our non-recyclable waste.
  • Create consciousness in the UAS community to protect the environment.
  • Support different organizations through the delivery of classified waste

We are recycling the following items:

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic
Plastic water, soft drink, and juice bottles are recycled in the yellow bins. Please crush them flat before throwing them in the bin. A company named Universal Plastic picks them to be recycled.
Recyclable paper goes into our blue bins. An organization named REPAPEL picks it up and processes the paper into supplies for public schools.
Regular non-recyclable Trash
Trash goes into our red bins. The Intendencia of Montevideo picks it up every day.
Bottle caps
Bottle caps go into our green bins. We collect them and give them to two different organizations. Our elementary classes support Teleton, and Middle and High School students do the same with Fundacion Alvarez Caldeyro Barcia.

We collect used batteries in the reception area, under the teacher mailboxes. They are picked up and recycled by Dr. Sartori.

Printer cartridges

We also collect printer cartridges in the reception area, under the teacher mailboxes. The printer cartridges are recycled by Cartridge World.

The main collection of recycling bins will be in the main UAS hallway.  There will be a yellow (plastic, remember!) bin in the cafeteria, to make it easier to collect the juice bottles that are used there.

We are starting a family recycling center in the Bike Parking Area, for papers and plastic bottles.  We invite parents to bring white paper and plastic bottles to the school, instead of throwing them in the trash, and to leave those items in our large gray recycling bins.

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