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Below are links to websites with Student-created content that are outside of the domain. Such links to sites outside our website are provided for the convenience of the UAS community. You will be proceeding at your own risk if you choose to visit such linked sites. UAS has no control over the content of these sites.

The presence of the links below is not an endorsement of the following sites and does not mean that UAS accepts any responsibility as to the quality and appropriateness of these sites.

If inappropriate material is found on any of the sites, we will remove the link as soon as possible after we are notified. If we are assured that the inappropriate material has been removed, and will not reappear, we may choose to provide the link again, once again, only for the convenience of the UAS community.

The Shout Out is a website put together by Uruguayan American School high school students. The Shout Out will have news about SAAC tournaments and Friendship Games, school life, a few jokes, fashion, sports, and reviews of movies and music.

Jumble UAS – a website dedicated to the community of the Uruguayan American School. JUMBLE UAS is a place where students, parents, or virtually anyone can see the work produced by the members of the community. Here, you can access creative writing, essays, poems, artwork, and photos done by UAS students of all grades.

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