Student Support Team

Teachers and Administrators who have concerns about a student at the Uruguayan American School can make a referral to the Student Support Team. The SST is comprised of the Principal, the School Counselor, and the Nurse. This approach ensures that all cases are handled in a holistic manner that addresses social-emotional, learning and health perspectives. Parents are considered an integral part of the process and the goal is to match the needs of individual students with the capacity of the school.

The SST process is designed around a problem solving model in which the goal is to help develop effective interventions to address and improve students´ learning and/or behavior at school.

Referrals to the SST are made by teachers or administrators. Specific areas of concern are identified. Information is gathered through observations, interviews, reviews of school records and assessments.

The Student Support Team also facilitates referrals within the community when needed. The Counselor and Nurse are in contact with the professionals who work with the students outside the school.

What are the benefits of the SST?

  • Collaboration between teachers, support staff, support services, families, and the community.
  • Accountability through the use of research-based instruction and through measurement of responses to interventions.
  • Prompt identification through universal screening, and prompt action to help students learn.
  • Increasing the appropriateness of referrals for special education, psychological testing, and health providers.
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