of UAS Experience


Jeff Granger

  • Physical Education Teacher and Basketball Coach
  • United States
  • Has been part of UAS since 2001

My Experience:

“I teach students that if they work hard, are disciplined and practice everyday, they can become whatever they want to be.”


Juan Carlos Silva

  • United States
  • Joined UAS in 2015
  • Father of Grade 7 & 10 students

My Experience:

“The school does an amazing job of providing a happy, inspiring learning environment for our kids.”


Vicente Gard

  • Grade 9 Student
  • Uruguayan
  • Has attended UAS since Nursery

My Experience:

 “UAS teachers get involved and they truly care. A teacher at UAS is more than a person who stands in front of a class and talks about dates and historical figures. They care about what they teach and how they teach it, but most importantly they are role models. “