Why choose UAS?

Students of this generation are entering a world fundamentally different than that of their parents. A world that is more globally connected, where ideas, cultures and even people flow easily beyond borders. An increasingly diverse world in which creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and the ability to navigate among cultures are highly valued.

UAS’s unique, engaging and multicultural education prepares students for success. We empower students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue their dreams . . . wherever in the world that may lead them.

UAS provides a challenging university preparatory program. All students are expected to meet rigorous, world-class academic standards and to pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Our academic program prepares students for success in college. UAS graduates have been admitted to some of the world’s finest colleges and universities, including:

Arizona State University
Boston University
Brown University
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Georgetown University
King’s College, London
McGill University
New York University
Northeastern University
Northwestern University
Penn State University
Purdue University
The New School

University of Edinburgh
Universidad Católica Argentina
Universidad Católica del Uruguay
Universidad de la República (UdelaR)
Universidad ORT
Universidad de Montevideo
University of British Columbia
University of Colorado
University of Michigan
University of New Zealand
University of Texas
University of Toronto
University of Virginia
Westminster University

UAS offers college readiness assessments and university admissions exams. We are the only approved SAT and ACT test administration site in Uruguay. Our college counselor assists students applying to U.S., Uruguayan, and other international universities.

UAS provides an English-language educational program based on a North American educational philosophy. We teach all classes in English, except Spanish language courses and those that are part of the Uruguayan Program. UAS teachers are native English-speakers or fully bilingual English and Spanish speakers. Our English immersion approach ensures a rapid and profound acquisition of the language. Language acquisition specialists also provide additional support for English language learners.

UAS is committed to maintaining small class sizes and an ideal student/teacher ratio. Our teachers know their students as learners and as individuals. They can tailor instruction to meet students’ needs and learning styles. UAS also has learning specialists and counselors to support students’ learning needs.

UAS is an international school with students representing over 35 nationalities, including our host country of Uruguay. The teaching faculty is composed of certified international educators from the United States, Uruguay, and 10 other countries. At UAS differences in culture, religion, nationality, language, physical ability, and appearance are embraced and celebrated.

At UAS we believe that a superior education develops students’ academic, physical, social, emotional, and artistic potential. UAS offers different arts and technology electives, character education lessons, an outdoor education program, and many local and international community service projects. In addition, our counselors work with students, parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure the optimal development of every student’s academic, personal, and social potential.

UAS offers three accredited programs of study. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges fully accredited us. The Uruguayan Ministry of Education’s Secondary School Education Council (ANEP-CODICEN) and Primary School Education Council (ANEP-CEIP) also accredited us. Since 2013, UAS has been certified to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. UAS students can earn up to three diplomas: a U.S. high school diploma, an Uruguayan high school diploma, and an IB diploma.

UAS prepares our students for their future, rather than for the present or for the world in which educators were raised. For this reason, we infuse technology into classroom instruction from Early Childhood through High School. Students learn to use Mac and Windows platforms on tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Using the Google Applications for Education suite, UAS students learn to work efficiently and collaboratively online. Through coding and programming units of study and robotics, students learn to create and innovate with technology.

The UAS school year follows a northern hemisphere calendar with classes beginning in August and ending in June. Our calendar aligns with other international schools around the world and with universities in the northern hemisphere.

Outside the classroom, we encouraged all UAS students to develop a skill, hobby, or passion for one of the many after-school athletics and activities options available to Elementary and Secondary students. Students can choose to join the Chess Club, Karate, Model United Nations, Robotics, TEDEd Club, and many more activities. Secondary students may join UAS’s swimming, volleyball, basketball, and soccer teams. As a member of the South American Activities Conference (SAAC), UAS teams travel to compete against other international schools. UAS art students also travel to take part in an international arts festival.

UAS’s campus, and facilities create an ideal learning environment where students can thrive. The school is located on three well-maintained hectares in a residential suburb of Montevideo. The 7,100 square meter building has fully equipped science laboratories, purpose-built art rooms with kilns, an auditorium, and a gymnasium with a complete weight room. Outside there is an impeccably manicured soccer field, a basketball court, and three playground areas. In 2016 UAS added a 1,000 square meter extension to Secondary School, including a large, colorful, and naturally lit flexible learning space.

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