Special Needs

Admissions Policy

The Uruguayan American School accepts students with specific mild learning disabilities and with physical disabilities (e.g., orthopedic, auditory, visual, or other health impairments) provided that the school facilities and personnel are able to accommodate them. Because UAS does not have the facilities or resources to accommodate children with significant learning, emotional or physical disabilities, the school cannot accept students for whom the available resources are not sufficient. However, at the discretion of the school leadership, in certain instances the school may admit students whose learning and/or physical needs exceed the school´s capacity to support, provided that:

  • Any accommodation needed (e.g., additional staff, resources, equipment, etc.), is paid for by the parent or a source other than the school.
  • The school approves any resources and support personnel in advance.
  • The parent arranges for and provides any additional resources or support needed.
  • No significant modifications to the school facility are needed to accommodate the disability.
  • The school has had sufficient time to prepare before the student is enrolled.

UAS requires complete records (testing and medical) for all students applying with a diagnosed disability. Parents of a child receiving any special services, such as learning disabled instruction, remedial support, speech/language therapy, occupational/physical therapy, or seeing any educational specialist outside of the regular classroom, must notify the school prior to beginning the admissions process. If the student is admitted, ongoing communication among the school, the parent, and if applicable, the outside support specialist​(s)​ will be required.


The Uruguayan American School is an equal opportunity employer and educational institution. The school will accept children and employ staff and faculty without discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, race, marital status, physical disability, or nationality.

The Uruguayan American School admits applicants based on its evaluation of the potential of the applicant to benefit from our educational services, and the school´s capacity to meet the educational needs of the applicant. No staff or faculty member or student in the Uruguayan American School shall be subject to discrimination in any educational program or activity. This shall include employment, retention, and promotion.

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