UAS Uniform:

All UAS Elementary students from Pre-Nursery through 5th grade wear the UAS Uniform to school daily. Students wear both uniform top and bottom and if cold the uniform jacket or sweatshirt. All Elementary students will need a cap for outdoor recess. The Elementary Handbook provides additional information about the dress code on page 15. UAS Uniforms must be purchased at Cecilia Chiarino Uniforms.

UAS Secondary Students from grades 6-12 are to dress respectfully but do not have a uniform. Please refer to page 28 of the Secondary Handbook for additional details.

Please see below photos and prices for each available uniform piece. Cecilia Chiarino, our uniform supplier has a shop located at Mariano Uriarte 6394 and Havre in the Carrasco neighborhood. She speaks English and Spanish. You can get in touch by phone at 093 768 336 or 2601 0646 

Regular hours

Monday to Saturday – Morning 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

Monday to Friday – Afternoon 2:00 to 7:00 PM

Credit Card and cash payments are both accepted. Please note that cash payments have a 10% discount.

For those who pay with Santander debit or credit cards, there is a 15% discount.

Elementary Uniform Options:

  • Red polo shirt, short sleeves, with UAS logo – $ 1.040
  • Red polo shirt, long sleeves, with UAS logo – $ 1.100
  • Blue formal short with UAS logo – $ 890
  • Blue formal skirt with UAS logo – $ 920
  • Blue formal sweatpant with UAS logo – $ 1.270
  • Blue fleece jacket with UAS logo – $ 1.590
  • Blue winter jacket with UAS logo – $ 2.100
  • White P.E. T-shirt, short sleeves, with UAS logo – $ 720
  • White P.E. T-shirt, long sleeves, with UAS logo – $ 750
  • Soccer t-shirt with UAS logo – $ 1.020
  • Soccer short with UAS logo – $ 850