School Bus

UAS does not contract with or take any responsibility for any transport service. This is only courtesy information for parents.

There are two School Bus services that provide transportation for students. Please see the list of neighbourhoods they serve, the price per month in Pesos Uruguayos, and then contact the service that works for your neighbourhood to sign up.


August 2022 – June 2023 

Carrasco area – $ 6.400


Punta Gorda – $ 6.400

Villa Biarritz – $ 8.600

Punta Carretas – $ 8.900

American Embassy – $ 9.200

Mr. Eduardo Cámpolo
2481 0415 – 099 664 581

Mr. Jorge Arenas
2619 7059 – 099 663 701

Payment can be made by bank transfer, check, or cash.

Note: In order to calculate transport costs for the entire semester, all holidays were taken into consideration and an average was used. The above-mentioned fees will be payable from August 2021 until and including

June 2022. Partial trips will cost 70% of full trips. For services rendered for less than a month, the fee will be calculated on a daily rate plus a 15% additional charge. Transport for After School Activities will be an additional cost of $1.000.